Peter Michel Gebara

Pianist & Composer
Peter Michel Gebara
Peter Michel Gebara first discovered the allure of classical music at the tender age of eight, while attending boarding school in the Lebanon. His fervor for the piano grew rapidly and was nurtured under the tutelage of the incomparable Ms. Zvart Sarkisian.

As her protégé he became not only technically proficient, but was introduced to the emotional nuances that the great classical masters’ penned into each stirring composition.

With the onset of the devastating Lebanese civil war, Peter and his family emigrated to England in 1976, leaving behind dreams of becoming a concert pianist as envisioned by his tutor and supported by his family.

Despite the dramatic change in his young life, Peter continued his musical education at school, winning in the process numerous regional piano competitions playing Mozart, Chopin and Beethoven.  

Although he did not pursue a professional career as a pianist he continues to articulate his passion in composing music from the heart.